We are owners and operators who are deeply rooted in our assets.

Bridge Multifamily Fund Manager LLC (“Bridge Multifamily”) targets value-add multifamily assets in growth markets that offer attractive risk adjusted returns. We have a differentiated approach to Multifamily Investment Management which relies on the full integration and coordination of our Investment, Asset Management, Structured Finance and Property Management Teams from start to finish of the investment hold period.

As both an owner and an operator, we get up close and personal with our properties.

Bridge adds value to our assets and seeks to create alpha at the asset level through intensive “rolling up our sleeves” property management, including capital investment, leasing, operations, maintenance, and capital structure, as well as the enhancement of amenities and resident services. For our onsite teams, no detail is too small. Every decision—from paint color to the types of on-site recreational facilities to all expenses small and large are carefully managed and ultimately create value for our investors and our residents.

Our “owner-operator” model allows us to manage our assets internally, with experienced personnel in property management, construction, leasing and other functions. At our communities, we have a particular focus both on value-added renovations to individual units as well as creating a competitive amenity package, which helps foster a sense of community and inclusiveness among our residents. These amenities often include a health facility, a business center, and various recreational areas, coupled with social and community programs such as after school 数字货币基金有哪些_合约交homework programs for school-aged children, “English as a second language” programs in selected communities, movie nights, ice cream socials and other community events. We seek to create vibrant communities for our residents, which also significantly reduces turnover and vacancies.

We have a philosophy that apartments are about more than just four walls and a roof and by creating well-amenitized communities with a robust suite of community activities and a responsive management and maintenance team that we can change lives and build investor value.

Bridge Multifamily senior executives have overseen the management of more than $5 billion in investment property over the past 25 years.
Jonathan Slager
Partner, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Multifamily III, IV
Richard Stayner
Partner, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Bridge Workforce & Affordable Housing; CEO, Bridge Property Management
Tim Reardon
Chief Operating Officer, Bridge Property Management
Colin Apple
Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Multifamily IV & Managing Director of Acquisitions, Bridge Workforce & Affordable Housing
Matt DeGraw
Partner & President, Bridge Property Management
Alan Nelson
Managing Director, Asset Management, Bridge Multifamily
Rick Andrus
Managing Director of Dispositions, Bridge Multifamily
Dylan Bushnell
Director of Operations, Bridge Property Management
Holden Latimer
Holden Latimer
Director, Bridge Multifamily
John Montgomery
Director, Bridge Multifamily
Parker Anderson
Director, Bridge Multifamily
Ray White
Director, Bridge Multifamily
Rachel Mondelli
Senior Vice President, Bridge Property Management
Cynthia Hernandez Adams
Vice President, Bridge Property Management
Heather Hattaway
Vice President, Special Projects, Bridge Property Management
Jennifer Luikens
Vice President, Bridge Property Management
Tom Potvien
Vice President, Director of Business Development, Bridge Property Management

In the competitive environment of commercial real estate investing, Bridge has developed a superior team of property management specialists.

The Property and Asset Management team (“BPM”) is responsible for executing each asset’s business plan developed in the acquisition phase of the investment cycle. BPM was founded on the belief that the successful execution of a property’s business plan is what ensures superior cash flow generation and value appreciation.

Exceptional management begins by acquiring talented people and aligning them with the best technology and systems. To accomplish this, BPM has assembled a team of successful, highly qualified and motivated professionals with extensive experience in the markets they oversee. Our team uses the latest technologies and software to enable control and accountability. BPM has also developed a unique performance-based focus and execution system that monitors key performance areas on a continuous basis. As a result, BPM has proven consistently successful at increasing the operational efficiency and performance of the properties it manages.

Additionally, BPM provides a full range of accounting services to each individual property through the use of its secure network. We have custom-designed reports that help us closely monitor each property’s performance in every facet of its operation.

A senior management associate is assigned to each asset and is responsible for successfully implementing the investment plan created at the time of acquisition. The Focus & Execute Plan, developed by BPM senior management, ties day-to-day work efforts to the overall mission, vision and business plan of each asset. These management tools enable senior managers to measurably track progress of each individual asset as well as key employees. Additionally, each asset is reviewed monthly by our Asset Review Committee to ensure responsiveness to macro market, physical and operational issues impacting asset performance.

Of the $23.3+ billion in AUM by Bridge Investment Group, Bridge Multifamily Fund Manager is responsible for $5.45 billion in AUM as of Q3 2020.

Bridge Multifamily Fund Manager manages 35,000+ multifamily apartment units in 22 states as of December 3, 2020. Bridge Multifamily Fund Manager also manages an additional 7,100+ apartment units on a third-party basis.

Bridge Property Management

Bridge Property Management has a proven track record of success. We are a team of highly-trained professionals with the resources, technology and systems in place to reach those goals. As you will see when you become better acquainted with us, Bridge Property Management is completely committed to providing the best in investment real estate management.

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